The James Group Newsletter Vol. 5, Num. 4: FDA Tackles High Drug Prices, Focus on Mental Health Over Guns, ObamaCare Market Fix, Idaho Dispute on Health Insurance, Stricter Medicaid Reqs, Flu Vacc Less Effective, Large Medical Bills for OON

Vol. 5, Num. 3: Indiana Medicaid, Right To Try Act, Medicare Advantage Hikes, CDC Director Resigns, ObamaCare Fix, Amazon and Healthcare, Do Standing Desks Really Help?


The James Group Newsletter Vol. 4, Num. 17: 1st Day of ACA Enrollment Went Well, What to Look For in ACA Enrollment, Less Time to Enroll in ACA, 5 Things to Know About ACA Enrollment, Rule Drafted to Give States More ACA Control, Repeal of ACA & Tax Bill

Vol. 5, Num. 2: Short-Term Spending Bill, Work-For-Medicaid Rule, ACA Employer Mandate, Government Shutdown, Act to Fight High Drug Prices, Severe Flu Season, Cali Nurses Fight For Single Payer


The James Group Newsletter Vol. 4, Num. 16: Health Plan Changes, Bacteria Outbreak from Puppies, Smoke from Western Wildfires, CHIP Deal, Congress Revisits ACA, Telemedicine Helps Pregnant Women, Universal Health Care Plan

Vol. 5, Num. 1: New Association Health Plan Rules, Funding for CHIP, Medi-Cal Improvements, 2018 ObamaCare Predictions, Pharmacists Wary of Naloxone Dispersion, New Lifesaving Drugs


The James Group Newsletter Vol. 4, Num. 15: Lawsuit Linking Baby Powder & Cancer, EpiPen Settlement Finalized, New UHC CEO, Bubonic Plague in AZ, Young People Dying of Colon Cancer, Shop Around for Health Costs, Anthem Exits CA, TN Promotes ACA Enrollment

The James Group Newsletter Vol. 4, Num. 19: Tax Bill "Essentially" Repeal ObamaCare, Reform Bill Repeals Mandate in 2019, Final Approval for Tax Overhaul, No Sweeteners for HSAs, 2 M Children Could Lose Health Coverage

The James Group Newsletter Volume 4, Number 14: Doctor's Note for Sunscreen, PA Insurer Collapse, First ACA Enrollment of Trump Era, Better Alzheimer's Tests, No Clear Path on Obamacare, Employer-Based Health Coverage, Right-To-Try Drug Bill

The James Group Newsletter Vol. 4, Num. 18: ACA Individual Mandate Repeal, Consumers Find Free Health Insurance, ACA Enrollment Surges By 47%, Medicare Enrollees Might Face Higher Premiums for Outpatient, Scientists Edit Genes To Cure Disease, FDA Warning


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