The James Group Newsletter Volume 4, Number 12: GOP Returns From Break, Campus Health Plans, Price of a Sunburn, Charlie Gard Case, Impasse Over Obamacare, Podcast-Why Is This Stuff So Complicated, Slide From Middle Class to Medicaid, New CDC Director

The James Group Newsletter Volume 4, Number 11: Senate Vote Pushed Back Until After Fourth of July Recess

ACA Revisions, Trans Fats Ban, Refining Vaccine Waivers, Prostate Cancer Test, Running May Increase Lifespan, Video Chats About Diabetes, Genetic Tests for Diseases, A Diet for Alzheimer's

The James Group Newsletter Volume 4, Number 10: Pharma Proposals, Health Bill, Untreated Sleep Apnea, Warm Temperatures and Lyme Disease, Secret Health Bill Raises Alarms, Centene Expands Presence, VA Accountability Bill

Less Potent Medicine, Savings Plans for Disabled, Uninsured Penalties,
OTC Pain Relievers, Anthem-Cigna Merger, New VA Leader, Humana
& the ACA Exchange

The James Group Newsletter Volume 4, Number 9: Trump on Women's Health Care, New Gene Tests Pose Threat, Bird Flu Surges, New Study on Sodium, 2nd ALS Drug Approved, Fresh Food Pharmacy, GOP Bill Key Components, International Cyberattack

Superbugs, Take Control of Medical Decisions, Relief from Eczema,  Melanoma Survivors, Lyme Disease, New Proposed Health Bill, Make Water Taste Better

BREAKING NEWS - House Passes Bill To Repeal and Replace The Affordable Care Act


ACHA Defeat, Trump Weighs Options, Secret Pact Brought Down the Repeal, Lawmakers Looking to Bipartisanship for Healthcare Reform, ACA Can Still Be Hobbled, Sanders to Offer Single-Payer Health Care Plan

Side-By-Side Comparison of ACA/GOP Plan, Aetna Posts Loss, Court Upholds Block on Anthem Bid for Cigna, Yellow Fever Vaccine, Shortage of Home Health Workers, Long-Term Birth Control, $1 Trillion Spending


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