The James Group Newsletter Vol. 5, Num. 15: 2019 OE Falls Slightly, TX Judge: ACA is Invalid, ACA: What Happens Now?, CVS and Aetna, Booker Seeks Medicaid Transparency, Alexander Will Not Seek Reelection, Health Ins on Demand?, Vaping Teens, Cigna Predictions of Opioid Abuse, US: 'Biologic' Drugs, 182K VA Enrolled in New Health Coverage, More Pets, Fewer Allergies, 2018: Health & Meds

The james Group Newsletter Vol. 5, Num. 10: Association Health Plan, Merck to Lower Drug Prices, KY Resotring Medicaid Benefits, ACA Risk Adjustment Payments, Drug Imports to Counter Price Hikes, UnitedHealth Post Big Profit Jump, CA Rates to Rise 8.7% Next Year, EMR Enhancement of Approved Drugs, Bill Advanced to Halt Employer Mandate, OK Medicaid Approved for Drug Pricing Experiment

The James Group Newsletter Vol. 5, Num. 14: Blue House, Red Senate, HC Top Issue for Voters, Cheap Health Plans Not Built for All, Montana & Medicaid, Medicare Expands to In-Home Supp, ID NE & UT Vote for Medicaid Expansion, Abortion Rights, HHS Opt Out of BC Mandate, IV Painkiller Alternative, Future of CVS, Possible Universal Flu Vaccine

Vol. 5, Num. 9: Drugmakers costing US $$, 'Right to Try' Bill Approved, Restrictions on Abortion Funding, Gene Therapies, $7M to Fight Ebola Outbreak, VT Passes Drug Import Law, Fix VA Med Records, FDA Approves Migraine Medicine

The James Group Newsletter Vol. 5, Num. 13: Drug Spending vs. Medicaid, Rising HC Bills, If Docs Got Paid Only Medicare Rates, Broad Spending Bill, Easing Costs on Drug Comps, Protect Against Surprise Med Bills, Life Insurance Incentives, Merger Cleared..

The James Group Newsletter Vol. 5, Num. 8: Hosp Contrib to High HC Prices, Lifetime limits on Medicaid, $15b Spending Cuts, Drug Plans Drop, MD Insurers Seek Prem Hikes 2019, Walmart Opioid Restrictions, E.Coli, Expand Veteran HC, CVS/Aetna Deal, Price: ObamaCare Indiv Mandate

The James Group Newsletter Vol. 5, Num. 12: Pre-Ex Take Center Stage, Drug Cost Effects, Uninsured Rates Steady, Non-opioid pain meds, CA Gov Candidate Backs Universal HC, McCain's HC Legacy, Cigna-Express Scripts Approved, Senate Backs $854B Bill, MD

The James Group Newsletter Vol. 5, Num. 7: ACA Insurance Rewritten, CA Aims to Tackle HC Prices, Ryan Leaves Congress, Opioid Crisis, ACA Standing, FDA Restrictions, CVS Improperly Reporting, UHG Forms Army, Boehler As Director, Reinsurance Pools, MegaMerger

The James Group Newsletter Vol. 5, Num. 11: Paring Down Drug Prices, Medicare Overhaul ACOs, Urgent HC Need, RA Merger Cancellation, Opioid Prescribing Reduced, HHS & Drug Companies, AMA Opposes CVS/Aetna Merger, Genetic Testing, ACA Plan Premium Increases, Future Risk Corridor Payments, ACA Subsidies, Cigna Overpaying Express Scripts



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